Is there a time limit to my session?

No, there is not. I don't watch the clock. Your session is over when your story is told.


Can you help me with outfit choices/what to wear?

Yes! I can send  you a personalized Pinterest Board for your session.


Do I have the option to switch out products in my package with "A La Carte items"

Yes, as long as it is of equal value if it is of greater value we can adjust the price accordingly. 


What if I have more than five family members? 

If so it is a charge of 25$ per each additional member up to 7. Any persons beyond that will be considered a extended family session and require a separate quote.


Can I opt out of you posting my images on social media (i.e. your website or Facebook)

Yes, of course! Your privacy is very important to me.


Can I include a pet in my session?

Sure, I love animals however as long as the location permits it.


Can I change outfits during my session?

Of course! I want your images to turn out exactly how you envision them.


Contact me to book your photography session.